One Hong Kong cartoon is not on Disney+

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Marvel fans were excited to find out they could binge the entire series of “The Avengers” on Netflix but now it appears that Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe is leaving out one character.

Andrew Tai with a “The Simpsons” cat. Courtesy Andrew Tai

Disney+ in Hong Kong has omitted “The Simpsons” from its line-up of shows, fans on social media have pointed out. The popular animated show will not be on the service until July.

The Hong Kong-based Disney+ is the latest service for U.S. companies to look to get a share of the Hong Kong movie market.

Fox’s Studio 20 announced that Disney’s deal to acquire it would include a strategic investment in the local studio. With 11 Oscar nominations, Fox unit 20th Century Fox is one of Hong Kong’s best known studios.

While the “Simpsons” absence isn’t a big deal for fans in the U.S., in Hong Kong it was “massive,” said Nam Hee-Jung, an entertainment consultant.

Many fans wonder what will happen to their cartoons. HK journalist Siu Mat died at the age of 12. In his short life, he created Cartoonist Bob – the boy who ran away from home, invented a superhero and then died – for a cartoon he animated for Supertar, one of Hong Kong’s favorite video and DVD shops. He often featured in his syndicated cartoons.

His last live performance was at the Disney Dream Fest where his fans remembered him. Po-Chung Gallery, one of his favorite video stores, will screen the scene on YouTube this Saturday at 6 p.m.

While the video service isn’t a new idea for Hong Kong, his death not only marked a decade since the last live performance by the man he created Bob, but also the passing of an era as YouTube’s influence continues to grow.

The campaign to get ‘The Simpsons’ to the Hong Kong Disney+ service was led by Bao Yu-nien (left) and Lee Fung-kwan (right).

Siu Mat’s death may have further shaken the spirits of fans of the British-born cartoon character. Cartoonist Bob was another popular TV character Hong Kong children grew up watching, which we could soon see on Disney+ in the US.

We’ll have to wait and see how Disney+ manages its Hong Kong shows.

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