How JetBlue will make your business class journey more productive

A new business class service which won’t require you to pack along an extra suitcase is just over the horizon.

JetBlue is testing a novel way of buying a first class seat in the front of the airplane — with the help of a co-working space called Your Desk.

At least 12 passengers have boarded the New York-to-Los Angeles flight so far.

JetBlue announced the plans for its new gizmo on Wednesday and described it as a means of creating “a more productive business experience for our flyers.”

When a passenger clicks the “Finance-Charging” button on a mobile app, an existing power outlet is activated, allowing you to charge your mobile device via USB. The app tracks the total charge to your phone before you board the flight and then ships the cable to you. There’s also a “Lazy Mode” which should make you feel even more refreshed.

An empty power outlet was also being utilized in its offices at the airport.

The trial gives a rare glimpse of the ever-increasing demands on airlines for ways to cut back on the number of extra pieces of luggage passengers can bring on board.

During the trial the only other passenger offering assistance is one of the flight attendants.

Last year, British Airways started running laptop charging stations in first class compartments.

There are no immediate plans to extend the program to other planes, JetBlue said.

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