Thanksgiving air travel warned: Here’s how to get on a plane on Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year, but with millions of people out traveling this year, America’s airports will be chaotic this year. Travelers who have already started to get out of the house are finding long lines and crowded airports. The Federal Aviation Administration put the holiday travel volume at its highest since 2007. Airports have 2.1 million flights to plan for, compared to last year’s 2.8 million flights during the same holiday season. Most travelers will fly on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day, but Thanksgiving Day has the biggest number of flights. Recommended Slideshows 35 Pictures All of these celebrities have had their nudes leaked 35 Pictures 21 Pictures Here’s what it’s like to fish for your dinner at Zauo NYC (photos) 21 Pictures 44 Pictures PHOTOS: The best cosplay of NYCC 2018, Day 3 44 Pictures More picture galleries 19 Pictures PHOTOS: Looking back at Heidi Klum’s best Halloween costumes 19 Pictures 14 Pictures PHOTOS: Nightmare Machine, the haunted house for millennials 14 Pictures 9 Pictures What you need to know about MTV’s ‘How Far Is Tattoo Far?’ 9 Pictures NBC New York quoted Bob Sedina, chief executive officer of FlightAware: “Over the past few years, AAA Travel has had to change flight plans because the airports have gotten so crowded. This year, that’s just not the case.” Jim Hayes, senior vice president of Gatwick Airport, is not surprised at the expected increase in flying. As a result of air travel, “one of our busiest weeks since the second quarter of 2017 has now arrived.” With these forecasts, it’s easy to know that the major airports will experience a high volume of traffic, which may mean delays in getting on a plane. SeatAgility surveyed some of the largest airports across the country for some tips for getting on a plane on Thanksgiving day. Four of the top tips are worth sharing, especially when you consider that airports may be snarled for days before and after the holidays. 1. Check before you fly Despite suggestions to try to buy your flights before the holiday, Gatwick Airport’s Hayes says that it is definitely recommended to check the availability of flights days before you leave. “Priority for flying before the holiday period is expected to be served from the final two days before the holiday,” Hayes says.2. Do your online check-in if possible The BitterSweet Travel Guides says that only a few airports have checked-in systems, but these systems are often the most reliable way to get to the front of the line. “They’re also the easiest to use online to avoid trips back and forth to the airport to use the machine,” the BitterSweet Travel Guides says. “On Thanksgiving Day, it is strongly advised to get to the airport a full hour early.” When getting online to check-in, the most popular days for airlines are Nov. 23, and Nov. 24. If you are flying Southwest, check in 11 days before the date of your flight. All other airlines start their online check-in 11 days before the date of your flight.3. Do some research You don’t want to rush to the airport without knowing what you need. The BitterSweet Travel Guides says that the FAA’s has a great amount of helpful information on airport maps, also, so be sure to check this website. “The most important thing to remember when you go online is that you should also look up the time to and from the airport so you can figure out how long you’ll have to wait for a flight,” the BitterSweet Travel Guides says.4. Put away your gloves and gloves I know this is bad news for travelers who have a big family gathering coming up, but some airports might ask people to leave their gloves and gloves at home before they get on the plane. Tell the airline you have to leave them at home. These items will start to melt down when it’s already hot outside. Getting off the plane without your gloves is probably more expensive, and it is not worth that extra hassle. Make sure you keep your gloves and gloves on when you get to the airport, and be sure to bring plenty of them. Credit: Brand X /

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