Your World With Neil Cavuto (10/28/19): It’s The North Lawn

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The world gets a little bit smaller with this week’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

FOX’s Ashley Webster reports from Chicago:

Mr. President, I met today with Bernie Sanders, I understand they both were disappointed. So if you need Mr. Sanders, if you need Bernie Sanders to fight for you on the issues, I know you might not like what he’s doing, but I’m going to pass on Bernie Sanders to you.

Lyndon Johnson once had an idea for the White House that is now coming to fruition. President Trump has taken that advice and put Lyndon Johnson’s White House North Lawn into play.

Pablo Sanchez is the Hispanic Executive Director for the Trump campaign and is a huge fan of what he saw yesterday:

(Sanchez) “We knew we were making history,” Sanchez said. “We knew we were making history.”

Latinos, specifically, have been a vocal supporter of President Trump. Sanchez believes the vision they’ve seen so far with the Trump campaign is one that Hispanics can support.

President Trump’s reelection campaign was also behind yesterday’s push in Chicago. Will Ramirez is Hispanic Press Secretary for the Trump campaign and helped organize it all:

(Ramirez) “Today we are showing Latinos we understand your concerns. We are listening to you.”

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