Turn your outdoor room into an indoor pool

Pagoda Hill Pool opens to the public this weekend with a unique, 50-meter-long infinity pool, opened by New York City-based Gibsons Design Group. And you can dive in and enjoy it all year round, as the pool is a pool of water that rolls from the bottom toward the ceiling, extending outward to accommodate a full-size pool. The idea for Pagoda Hill Pool emerged when Gibsons designers Karyn Stremick and James Walsh were visiting a secluded Japanese garden in Kyoto. They were stunned by the water flow through the slope of the rocks, peaking at the water depth of 150 centimeters (6.6 feet) β€” close to a depth that would be impossible to see in another, indoor glass-enclosed pool. Because the feature goes perpendicular to the pool surface, it brings in sunlight on the water while simultaneously reflecting light back into the sky. β€œIn this setting, we saw a unique opportunity to develop a new glass creation for the city of Greenbelt,” Stremick says.

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