Ontario reports highest number of COVID patients in ICU since mid-October

Several fall into coma or suffer brain damage in hospital’s intensive care unit after inserting, fragments of metal and metal-coated plastic in blood vessels

Ontario reports highest number of COVID patients in ICU since mid-October

A new report on the deaths of 10 people with cardiac arrest is showing that the number of patients poisoned by metal fragments inserted into veins at a Toronto hospital has spiked.

Between October and early December, the numbers of patients who suffered cardiac arrest and suffered brain damage due to metal fragments inserted into their blood vessels jumped from five to 10.

The deaths are associated with a specialist Intensive Care Unit (ICU) that uses an iron catheter and low-risk coagulants that dissolve metal fragments inside the blood vessel.

The metal fragments, which originated at Toronto general and University hospitals, were inserted into veins during surgeries to expand blood vessels in an attempt to relieve high-pressure conditions.

Despite being medically safe, U.S. surgeon and member of Physicians for Affordable Care United States, Dr. Rajeshwar Singh, has said that the placement of metal-coated plastic and metal scrap into veins is illegal and that results in debilitating infections.

The Canadian Association of Firefighters, CPACF,, has questioned the safety of using steel tubing as the most commonly used coagulant used to dissolve metal fragments in the country.

The Ontario Association of Firefighters, CPACF, has asked the Government of Ontario for a more thorough investigation.

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