Distant city planned for wealthy Seoul commuters

A Taiwanese tech giant has unveiled ambitious plans to build a “10-minute city” for wealthy workers in Seoul that would provide a place to work, shop, and socialize within walking distance of a metro stop.

The so-called “Skepto Seoul” aims to improve daily life by offering public transportation and a new walkable and bike-able district, improving the quality of people’s living. It also plans to create affordable housing units for all income levels.

Taiwanese daily Southern Metropolis Daily said an announcement on the project is expected from the company sometime this week.

Public sector agencies in Seoul have already been working on plans to build a metro system that can shuttle workers from downtown to suburban areas.

The Southern Metropolis Daily said it was also unclear how much the project would cost.

“Skepto Seoul is not the only transit system that is looking to improve accessibility for passengers,” KT Corp. Chairman Jay Y. Lee said at the launch of the “Soju Seoul” project in May last year. “It’s important to introduce public transport systems that are reliable and useful for the people.”

First reported by the Associated Press.

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