Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes takes the stand

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In a month when US authorities have seized hundreds of Theranos’ devices and “Theranos health records” from public officials, founder Elizabeth Holmes is appearing in a San Francisco court.

Ms Holmes was expected to answer questions for a second day over whether she had ignored “negative lab test results”.

On Monday, she gave her first interview since criminal charges against her organisation were laid out.

The US government is trying to enforce $400m (£272m) in settlement of the case.

We’ve embedded video of Monday’s testimony below. Have your say in the comments section, which will be updated as Holmes continues.

Ms Holmes – who dropped out of Stanford to build Theranos – told the court that she “encouraged” the company to pay attention to negative lab test results and was “troubled by them”.

“I was being abused,” she said of her former chief operating officer, Sunny Balwani.

“I remember very clearly standing in the judgment room after a board meeting and just going ‘I cannot do this anymore. This is being reported and made up’.

“I was abused and mismanaged and neglected. But it’s a sad, sad day when you can’t do that,” she added.

The controversy surrounding the laboratory testing company is highlighted in the Netflix documentary, The Founder.

In June, a grand jury indicted 13 people over the scandal, including Ms Holmes, who was charged with corporate espionage and lying to investors.

She pleaded not guilty to all the charges, including fraud.

Did the government go too far?

Supporters of the diagnostic technology company, which never delivered any life-saving results but gained media attention for its technology, say there are weaknesses in the federal case.

They argue that Ms Holmes, who stepped down as Theranos’ CEO in October 2016, committed fraud.

Critics, on the other hand, have said that forcing the 37-year-old to repay $400m to the government is asking for too much.

Have Theranos’ devices been seized from officials?

Theranos reportedly manufactured a large number of electronic devices, and US investigators say there was one “accumulated mismanagement”.

Among other things, Theranos’ devices did not work as advertised, and the company’s business model did not work, officials say.

In California, officials also seized “Theranos health records, predominantly urine samples” in the Bay Area that may have helped officials build a stronger case against Theranos.

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