Next Ryder Cup will be at Ireland’s Adare Manor

Next September’s Ryder Cup will be played at the Ryder Cup for the first time at the Adare Manor Golf Links in Ireland. “Adare Manor is known to be ‘the grande dame of golf courses’,” said the Ryder Cup President, Steve Furber. “After our first two tournaments, we are delighted to announce our commitment to Adare Manor for the 2022 Ryder Cup and 2024 Ryder Cup. We cannot wait to show off the Lord Adare, the magnificent rural property and playing surface at Adare Manor for the world to see.”

After being directed to Adare Manor by PGA of America chairman Bobby Jones II, Furber added: “The distinctive and globally renowned Adare Manor courses are an ideal venue for the Ryder Cup as it provides the ideal balance of both European and American elements. Adare Manor offers a wonderfully relaxed and intimate experience which will echo the years of European triumphs in the Ryder Cup.”

The Irish National has an estate of over 5,000 acres in the county of Limerick, but it is the 189-acre golf course at Adare Manor, which is in Limerick City, which has managed to capture the imagination of golf fans throughout the world. Adare Manor employs over 45 people and boasts a landscape and landscape gardens of which Mr. Jones II said: “The course takes the best of what Adare has to offer – breathtaking natural vistas, links architecture and striking Mediterranean breezes.”

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