Dubai: Confab on environment will take place in 2020

Image copyright EPA Image caption Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum wants the conference to deliver a “global vision for sustainable development”

A Dubai United Nations climate conference will be held in the Gulf emirate from 2023, the ruler of the emirate has announced.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is expected to make the announcement in Montreal.

He has invited heads of state and other world leaders to the next meeting in the city, which also will be the location of the 2015 climate summit.

Later this week, the UN will hold the first of three planned summits in Bonn to chart the way forward on the fight against climate change.

“The UAE has a long-standing commitment to environmental responsibility and an internationally recognized role as a role model for sustainable development,” Sheikh Mohammed said in a statement.

“The UAE conference will help foster this as well as realise an even more ambitious global vision for sustainable development.”

Global agreement

The global agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions was agreed in Paris in 2015. It was the first international deal to set binding targets for governments to reduce emissions.

The Paris deal’s main driver is to limit global temperature rises to below 2C, which scientists believe will limit the catastrophic effects of climate change.

However, some countries, such as the US and China, have not ratified the agreement, so the planet will continue to warm even if the rest of the world is doing its bit.

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