3 killed in Cairo by plague of scorpions

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By Lamin Seck, CNN

A sudden storm in Egypt has killed three people and sent thousands of swarms of scorpions into people’s homes.

The so-called “creeping scorpions” — known to be deadly to humans — were part of a large swarm of about 1,000 within an hour that hit neighborhoods in Cairo on January 26, Reuters reported.

Rescue workers searched for the creatures for hours, People’s News reported.

Egypt’s Health Ministry said it was considering ordering similar inspections.

“The Creeping Scorpions are not dangerous as long as they are not living among humans. The Egyptian Health Ministry now has a committee studying preventive measures, such as setting up traps to trap the scuttlers,” it said in a statement, according to Reuters.

Cairo shelters warned of aggressive scorpions on display in several houses.

A 2014 report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found the scorpions have a venom the equivalent of a household paring knife, Reuters reported. The bite can be fatal for people that aren’t able to clear the swelling and can even have lead to seizures and fatal haemorrhages, it said.

It recommended homeowners install nets or soapy water that avoid contact with pets.

“It is very hard to contain these spiders,” Father Alexander Khazak, a priest at Saint Stephen Church in Cairo, told Reuters. “They are invincible because they don’t need humidity, which can be spottened with wood.”

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