Guelph University offers World Youth Day free tuition for in-state students

University of Guelph: free tuition for freshmen; full tuition paid by Cricket Canada

For the second consecutive year, World Youth Day has offered Guelph students a golden opportunity to enrol at Guelph University for their university courses. This program provides the university with up to $7.5-million in tuition fee savings for international students.

“When I heard about the opportunity, I really wanted to join the program,” says Alki Kil, who chose to make Guelph University his home. “It is an outstanding opportunity that allows so many people to experience another world, and for me to have the opportunity to play basketball in Canada will definitely make my experience all the more satisfying.”

Kil, a basketball player in high school who was offered a full scholarship by his local college, made the most of his opportunity with World Youth Day and intends to stay in Ontario to continue playing basketball and play for Guelph University in the fall.

“A good education goes a long way, especially when you are in high school,” says Kil. “If you’re really into something, the extra two years of schooling should really open your eyes. I did well and I’m glad that I tried out for the program.”

“If you really like something, you can really get a lot out of it. The program allowed me to see something different from my home in the suburbs.”

University of Guelph

So far, 58 Guelph University students have signed up for the program for 2019-20, including 33 people attending the Jan. 27-30 World Youth Day conference.

Guelph University has to compete with other institutions which also offer offers tuition reduction to international students.

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