Honiara protesters stay the course

By Nasser Yanitov

BBC News, Honiara

Protesters fear the government may reshuffle or dissolve the parliament

Protesters have remained on the streets of the capital, Honiara, despite an official police announcement that they would be banned.

It comes a day after thousands of people battled riot police with machetes and rocks.

The protesters are angry about a police officer’s killing, widely believed to have been the result of a feud.

A heavy police force had on Thursday cleared the streets of Honiara, but many protesters have vowed to continue their protests, demanding the prime minister stand down.

Last week, violent clashes broke out after the body of a police officer was found in a river.

There are reports that the officer was murdered and then drowned to make it look like he fell from a bridge and died in the river.

For many people, his death symbolises the poor quality of life they experience in Honiara, with frequent shortages of basic food, water and electricity.

At least six houses were torched in the protests on Wednesday.

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