‘Stop Galloping’: Tucker Says Biden ‘Probably Wants’ to Run for President

Tucker Carlson said on Friday that the politics of 2020 are sure to mean some incendiary comments, but said former Vice President Joe Biden shouldn’t get into the “gallop” of that.

Carlson’s comments came a day after the two leading 2020 candidates — Biden and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) — weighed in on last week’s disclosure of 2020 leaked emails where officials for Biden’s hypothetical presidential campaign said the Ohio River State should be accused of importing migrants and allowing drugs to enter America through the “gateway state.”

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“Oh, that crazy country at the Ohio River. Isn’t that the thing?” Biden said Thursday when asked about the memo during an event in South Carolina.

Carlson said Biden “sure sounds like he wants” to get into the race.

.@TuckerCarlson says Dems & Bernie Sanders are right that Trump has ‘weaponized’ race: “Here are a couple of numbers you should be paying attention to from today”: https://t.co/8eSL1CJnB8 pic.twitter.com/41DdE1v6WS — Fox News (@FoxNews) November 2, 2018

“Oh yes,” Carlson said. “That is not the position of someone with a legitimate claim to run.”

He said Biden “should stop galloping” into the 2020 race for 2020.

“Not at all. The country has run to him before, it will run to him again, and it will definitely run past him,” Carlson said.

He said the Democratic base, which also includes progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), fully backs Trump’s strategy of dividing Americans into political groups.

“They want the message to be very bad for people who have been successful, whether that’s about jobs, marriage, or religion,” Carlson said.

He said that this election cycle is the first since 1932, not 1952, that Democrats have defeated a GOP candidate for president in favor of the incumbent.

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