Washingtonians Favor Reggie Jackson Over Trump-Supporters

Which has the much more important players in the M.L.B. Debate: Reggie Jackson or M.L.B. President Donald Fehr?

Who would you vote for?

As the dissension around the Player’s Association continues, as major league players mull strike threats over the M.L.B.’s newest proposal, there is renewed chatter about the one who is the most influential behind the scenes, former Seattle Mariner Reggie Jackson.

Jackson, who along with Dodgers’ power bat Andre Ethier is one of a number of players being privately courted to head up the union, said he has spoken to a number of players about his nomination but that no one will run with the candidacy unless they are assured it won’t be leaked.

Here’s more on the most powerful man in the baseball union

A confidant of Jackson’s said the Mariner slugger has made himself available to MLB players, but that he has “given an absolute assurance to no player, agent or league representative that he would seek election.

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