Auschwitz kits to stop being auctioned banned

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Members of Auschwitz Youth Club in August, 1932. All members of the club were sent to the concentration camp and ultimately killed

An Israeli court has ordered the suspension of an auction of tools used by people to tattoo Nazi prisoners at the Auschwitz camp in Poland.

The state prosecutor asked for the ruling after an unnamed book dealer said the Nazi kit had been passed down from one generation to the next.

The product is designed for canning things, the judge ruled.

Six of the items had already been sold at auctions in Austria.

The judge also ruled against the dealers’ demand that the auction be held in Israel.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nazi leader Adolf Hitler tried to create a “Aryan race” of people to rule the world

The ruling from the judge in the central Israeli town of Ramat Hasharon was seen as a victory for Holocaust survivors and groups such as tazkistiction, or the repairing of the Holocaust.

The price for the kits passed on to the surviving victims of the Nazis had been raised from $300 (£220) to $1,500 (£1,200) each.

Prisoners at Auschwitz had been tattooed to mark themselves as belonging to the Aryan race.

Those of foreign descent were forced to wear crosses and guard dogs as proof of membership.

Earlier this month, a printer was jailed in the Netherlands for printing fake tattoo kits that also turned out to be fakes.

Those with tattoos in Auschwitz were then gassed to death.

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